Apart from the above, many vegetarian dishes are also available in Greek cuisine. Some examples include anginares a la polita (artichokes with olive oil), arakas me anginares (oven – baked peas with artichokes), bamies (okra with tomato sauce), briam (a ratatouille of summer vegetables, such as eggplant, tomatoes, onions and potatoes), fasolakia (fresh green beans with tomato sauce), gigandes (oven – baked beans with tomato sauce) and lachanodolmades (cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat, served with avgolemono sauce – made of eggs and lemon). Soups are also widespread; some of the most famous are kotosoupa (chicken soup thickened with avgolemono), fasolada (a bean soup sometimes considered the national dish of Greece), magiritsa (traditional Easter soup made with lamb offal and thickened with avgolemono) and psarosoupa (fish soup made with various fish and vegetables).